CMC began this innovative program in 2007 in Fresno when young people responded to the need in the nonprofit and public sectors for reasonably priced and reliable media production.  By 2009, CMC expanded this program by opening a second Youth Empowerment Studios in Sacramento.

Young people are given the opportunity to work on a professional video production crew, gain valuable work experiences, and receive the guidance and support they need to transition from youth to productive young adults. 

Requirements for youth to join this social enterprise include volunteer hours helping the community, preferably with media production, and to be in school. 

YES offers video production services that include event and short form production (from event highlight videos to mini documentaries to Public Service Announcements and commercials); social media production including networking, marketing and distribution solutions; as well as individual, group and company wide technology and participatory media seminars based on your specific needs. Youth Empowerment Studios offers clients the opportunity to support a youth development and training program while getting professional quality marketing at a reasonable cost.

The social impact is three-fold: youth gain skills and mentoring from professional adults, earn income to help support their families or pay for their higher education, and customers get professional media produced at an affordable rate – no small feat on the average nonprofit marketing budget.

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