Sponsor a young person to learn, grow and give back to their community through CMC programs.


Testimonials From the Participants of CMC:

“I just wanted to say thank you for supporting and encouraging my son. With your direction, he has continued to grow and gain the confidence needed to accomplish his dreams. CMC is a wonderful place for teens to learn about themselves and others. I am privileged to know you and your team of colleagues. Thank you for awakening Daniel’s spirit and being a great role model. They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are blessed to have you be part of our village.”
-Parent of teen participant

“Although I am across the country, I am very pleased to have learned about Hmong Voice and the video that has become of it. I have always searched for ways to get a better grasp on my culture and language. Please don’t stop spreading our knowledge and our voice to many youths of all ages and races.”
-Community Member

“I wish to personally thank you for your efforts to bring forth the stories of our veterans experiences in the service to our country. Most of these veterans have never been able to speak about some of those experiences, and now we have it recorded for posterity. This is a real gift to their families and loved ones, and to the history of our country, you have opened the door! Thank you again for this opportunity to leave a legacy.”


To support a specific program:

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