Maria Madril | Executive Director


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Ka Lia Yang | Office Manager

Center for MULTICULTURAL Cooperation 

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David Gaines Program Manager


Hi, my name is David Gaines and I am the Program Manager at CMC.  I’m a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma. I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas. I have been in California for 9 years and Sacramento for the last 7 years with my wife Jeanine and 4 year old Luca.  

I have been involved with CMC for 6 years through the California and Native Voices programs. I started out as a Program Coordinator with California Voices at John F. Kennedy in 2009 and worked my way up to Program Manager for the California Voices program in 2012.  I really enjoyed working with at-risk youth and being able to adapt technology to give them a voice. I really enjoy the job and working with all the different youth has been rewarding for me.  Now overseeing the programs I have taken a step back from the youth, but I’m in the position of making the program the best it can be for other youth we can serve.

Christina Windover | Program Coordinator 

Fresno Youth Council for Sustainable Communities (FYCSC)

Hi, my name is Christina Windover. I am a student at CSU, Fresno, working on a Master’s in Public Administration.  I have also earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Government from CSU, Sacramento. 

I am the Program Coordinator for the Fresno Youth Council for Sustainable Communities at the Center for Multicultural Cooperation. I enjoy working for CMC because it  gives me the opportunity to support youth in creating positive changes throughout Fresno!


 Youth Empowerment Studio (Sacramento)

Hi, my name is Leslie Rincon. I was born in Sacramento. I am attending Sacramento City College and majoring in Communication/ Media Production.

I was part of the Latino Voices at Hiram Johnson High School in 2009. I was part of Latino Voices for 2 years. They offered me a job opportunity with CMC in 2010 as a Media Producer. In 2012 I became a Program Coordinator for the Youth Empowerment Studio. I have gained confidence and learn to do presentations and public speaking. Having this experience has helped me prepare for my future and learn how media production works. For the past 4 years I've enjoyed working for CMC and has been a great learning experience. I would like to pursue my career in media/ filming. Through my experience working with CMC and being part of SacYES , I have gained a lot of work experience including soft skills, responsibility and technical skills. I am very confident with the work I do and the skills I gained creating videos


Grants Advisory Board for Youth (GABY)

Greetings, my name is Robert Zuniga. I am currently a student at the University of California Davis working towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. I was born in Sacramento, and graduated from C.K. McClatchy High School in 2010. I also earned an Associate of Science Degree from Sacramento City College in 2014. On a personal note I enjoy bicycling, hiking, movies, and I consider myself a foodie. I aspire to have a career working with animals, while also helping to conserve plant and animal  biodiversity.

I started out in the CA Voices program while in high school, and later accepted a position with CMC, where I was a founding member of the Youth Empowerment Studios. I later transitioned to a program coordinator role for the CA Voices program instructing after school programs at the middle school level as well as serving as a youth board member for CMC. I am currently the Program Coordinator for the Grants Advisory Board for Youth. I have learned project management, networking, and leadership skills throughout my involvement with CMC. I feel that I can apply the various skills gained towards my future endeavors in academia, and in my professional career.


Califorina Voices & Native Voices

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Brenda Atilano Figueroa | PROGRAM COORDINATOR 

Youth Empowerment Studio (Sacramento)

Hi, my name is Brenda Atilano Figueroa. I am a student at Sacramento State University majoring in Spanish. I am a Program Coordinator at the Youth Empowerment Studios. I am an immigrant and I was born in Jalisco Mexico. I moved to Sacramento when I was 9 years old and have been living here ever since. 

I started as a CA Voices student at Hiram Johnson High School when I was a senior. After, I graduated I was offer a position with the Youth Empowerment Studios as Youth Media Consultant. I took that position not only because I needed a job but because I enjoyed editing videos while in the California Voices program. It was also a great start as first job, being in an office environment and doing the work I enjoyed.  I been working with the Youth Empowerment Studios for five years now and throughout all those years I have learn so much. I have not only acquired better editing skills, but I have learn valuable work ethics that I could take anywhere I decide to go in the future. I have had many training throughout the years that not only help me in the work that I do now but that would also help me wherever life takes me in the future. I have also learn to work with other professionals and have met wonderful people that appreciate the work that we do at CMC/YES. I am thankful for the CA Voices program that was at my high school five years ago and my teacher for advising me to join the program, thanks to that I am where I am today.


Youth Empowerment Studio (Fresno)

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Ricky Gutierrez | Youth Media Consultant

Youth Empowerment Studio (Fresno)

Hi, my name is Ricky Gutierrez. I am currently a student attending Fresno State. I am majoring in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis on Multimedia. I'm the type of person that loves to stay busy and finding new things to do. In my free time I do hip-hop dance, I play multiple musical instruments, I love filming, and working out at the gym. I'm very outgoing and love meeting new people.

I started off with an unexpected internship my junior year in high school. I was originally invited over for a film shoot with YES to be an extra in the background but immediately fell in love with the environment I was in. I kept on asking questions and wondering if I could some how be a part of it and was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to be part of the internship team. I was excited and anxious to start and with that enthusiasm came a new passion that shaped the person that I am today. This opportunity has really pushed me in areas that I would've never thought of improving on. I was very shy at first with everyone on the staff line but then slowly began building confidence in effectively communicating with individuals at film shoots. It’s really helped me in pushing through that comfort zone and exploring areas where improvement was needed as a professional videographer and effective communicator. CMC offers numerous of opportunities for self growth and professional development such as executing trainings, presenting at professional meetings with clients, and also participating in city wide events. It really is amazing working with the people in this organization and still being able to learn and thrive through new challenges and obstacles along the way.


Youth Empowerment Studio (Sacramento)

My name is Frankie Jones and I am nineteen years old. I am the youngest child out of four siblings and raised by a single parent in Sacramento California. Even though my family has overcome many obstacles, challenges, and hardship, we have always been guided by principles and values that taught compassion, civic responsibility and equality. I'm currently expanding my experience with videography and photography, as well as continuing my education while dedicating time to practicing yoga.

My journey of self discovery started when I was 13 years old and during that time I joined The Center for Multicultural Cooperation’s Native Voices program. While in the Native Voices program I learned the skill of digital media as a tool for social change which led me to seek an internship with The Center for Multicultural Cooperation’s Sacramento Youth Empowerment Studios (SacYes) were we produced multi-media films for the nonprofit, government and education sectors. During my second year I interned with a Nonprofit Director where I gained experience on building partnerships, fundraising, youth empowerment, civic engagement and youth development as well as learning to become an advocate for social change. Through CMC in 2012, I started a multi-media campaign for safer and more inclusive environments for LGBT youth. I'm currently a media consultant for CMC and being a media consultant I’m able to utilize digital media while teaching other youth the importance of digital media as a tool for social change. CMC has helped me take all of my life experiences and harness a desire to invoke my passion for social change in the areas of:  social empowerment, social justice, social equality, and social economical empowerment that will create community change in a meaningful positive way.


Khonesavanh (Khon) Saysamongdy | YOUTH MEDIA Producer

Youth Empowerment Studio (Fresno)

Hi, my name is Khonesavanh (Khon) Saysamongdy. I was born and raised here in Fresno, California. I am a Fresno State student studying in Mass Communications and Journalism with an emphasis on Multimedia. And I am a Youth Media Producer for Fresno’s Youth Empowerment Studios (YES).

I have been involved with CMC since the Summer of 2014 where I was doing an internship for six weeks here at YES which lead to my transition as an official Youth Media Producer. Being able to work here at CMC has been a blessing. The staff are great and what we do here for the community is amazing.  It’s a huge stepping stone for me since the type of work YES does is in my field of study. Being able to work with others improves my networking sources and social skills. I feel like my whole life is surrounded by media whether if I’m at YES, school, or at home. I'm grateful that CMC gave me this opportunity for I can now put my skills and talents to good use, for a good cause.