Month: April 2020

Top Android Emulators for Windows PC or Laptop in 2020

top android emulators

Using an android emulator is a great way to access Android apps on your computer. Many use an emulator for gaming to be able to use their keyboard mouse or game controller. You can also run other types of Android apps as well with so many emulators to choose from we’ve come up with a list of the top Android emulators for your PC or laptop and testing. We look at the features available stability ease of use and the overall user experience to determine the best. Let’s get started.

Starting off our countdown at number 2 is Co-player whose main focus is gaming it allows you to record your game play and upload it wherever you want. It also allows for key mapping to emulate a controller with your keyboard. When you first launch co-player it will ask which mode that you want and maximize game performance. Select speed mode if you’ve run into any issues. After starting Co-player you can switch to compatible mode, later on in settings along the left you have several options here at the top selecting the keyboard icon will let you edit the keys for your keyboard if you’re using a game controller you can activate it and map it to your preferred layout to switch from landscape to portrait mode. So, in the best convertible laptop 2020, for example, you might have same ways in dealing with the controllers. Select the rotate screen icon. You’ll also find other options for taking screenshots recording and side-loading apps like many of the Android emulators. You have full access to the Google Play Store to install apps just use caution like you would on your phone or tablet when choosing which apps to install, unfortunately, on the home screen the app icons can’t be moved. Co-player is completely free but like most emulators you’ll have to deal with the occasional ads coming in.

At number one is Me Moo Play unlike Co-player which is based on android KitKat Me Moo’s software supports apps up to Android lollipop 5.1. It supports multiple instances to run multiple apps simultaneously along with support for a mouse keyboard and game-pad. In Me Moo all the familiar options show up on the right side of the player to create multiple instances of the me Moo Player for multitasking purposes select the multi me move icon in the lower right click on create. You can pick either android 5.1 or 4.4 5.1 is newer so most times you’ll select that one then click on start and it will open a new window for me move so you can work on more than one task at a time me Moo plays free to use and continues to improve with each new update.

How To Find Anything on Dark Web By Using Simple Steps

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What is the Dark Net? Basically if you think about it. You can separate the internet into three different levels the clear net, the deep web and the dark net.

The clear net is everything you can find on Google or any search engine. The deep web would be something you can reach but you can’t really access because there’s a username and password. And then there’s the darknet so now we’re on the dark net on tour. There are a lot of different types of darknets tour is one there are many others and the darknet is used in order to remain anonymous online but unfortunately it’s also been used a lot by criminals because it guarantees their anonymity and their security and allows them to collaborate in a way that does not expose them in terms of what is sold in the underground. Right now we’re looking at different types of drugs which is one of the main businesses in the criminal underground.

In the darknet we have fake identities passports IDs driver’s license these help facilitate online fraud other things that we can see in the underground counterfeit money renting the services of hackers but one of the biggest things that happens in the criminal underground is underground stores which sell goods and services as well from fraud related topics to weapons to jewelry to digital products and healthcare records which is on the rise with criminals over a hundred million records were stolen last year, so criminals are now looking into ways that they can monetize and gain access into these records to perform online fraud. For example, we’re now in an underground German forum where there’s a lot of collaboration between criminals there’s one thing we have to keep in mind money breaks all barriers so criminals from all over the world cooperate and share information to run these attacks. If you are a European attacker and you are hacking a U.S account you’d probably want to have somebody in the U.S helping you and they do it very fast.